Christmas Tree Ornaments

My creative blog friend Wanda decorates her tree with tea cups. My favorite tree decorations are ones that bring back memories of when the kids were young. What are your favorite ornaments?


  1. My favorite ones are the ones people have given me as gifts.

  2. Every year I take the girls out and they each pick out an ornament from Hallmark. Kayla collects Snow Babies and Shayna (after completing the first five years of Babies X Christmas) now collects Krinkles (I think that's what they're called).

  3. The old German blown-glass ones that came from my father's family. He's gone and I remember him and the other family members who are also gone when I take them out and hang them up, very very carefully.

    My brother and I are eyeing each other over who gets to keep another family ornament, a plain red ball with the price stamped right on it. It must be forty years old. Heaven only knows where it came from, obviously a dime-store ornament, but we love the purple-ink-stamped 49-cent ornament for no reason!


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