Senator Princess Caroline

The recent news that Caroline Kennedy wants to be Hillary Clinton's replacement in the senate has caused me to have a flashback. Like it was yesterday, I remember that day in November 1963 when I saw on TV a young Caroline Kennedy watching her father's casket roll by in Washington, DC. I imagine that many in my generation have that image emblazoned in their memories.
I have mixed feelings about her being a senator. On one hand I like the idea of a person that doesn't seem to be a lifelong politician becoming a senator. On the other hand I don't know why a cultural icon celebrity princess should be a senator. Maybe you can can help me figure it out?


  1. Okay, I've gotta be partisan. Why is it that Sarah Palin was attacked as being unqualified (by the media) and yet I have heard no such grips regarding Caroline Kennedy?

    Also, why is it that Obama thinks its okay to talk to the governor about Kennedy but not the governor of Illinois (Blagojevich) about his former Senate seat? Hmm... Are we really supposed to believe that Obama never talked to Blago about the seat????

    Ok. I'll stop now. :-)

  2. Thank you, MTR. Took the words right outta my mouth.

  3. No experience, never ran in an election. Yeah, she's qualified, just ask today's Democrats.

    She's a Kennedy. That automatically qualifies you in this increasingly star-struck imperialist society. Plus there's the sick contingent that want to see a Kennedy set up to knocked (or shot) down, by assassination or illness or accident.

    Can't they take their money and quietly do good in the far background? They're richer than Midas....

  4. How I remember 1963 like it was yesterday too. Yes little princess Caroline. Who would have thunk !!! Our middle daughter was born that year!

  5. I'm going to be the devil's advocate and say that she is qualified. Though she has been out of the public eye, my understanding is that she is actively involved in many charities, boards, committees (I think one is related to the Presidential debates), etc.

    That's not politics, but it is working with people and requires a skill set that would serve well in the Senate. Being a celebrity doesn't make you worthy, but the respect she has earned with her overall class and demeanor would certainly add to her effectiveness.
    She interned with her uncle and is a lawyer with the NY and Washington DC bars, so she has experience with the law and politics.

    I'm not in agreement with the Kennedy's views, nor am I a big fan of theirs, but I think the governor could do a lot worse. Is she qualified? Maybe, maybe not. But it's no bigger guess than many other rookie Senators.

  6. Well, let's see: I've served on school boards, church boards, led a whole slew of committees for schools and youth organizationd; currently serving on a grant advisory board for a non-profit. I've donated a huge percentage of income to all kinds of charities. Oh. And, I'm a mom. (Caroline's words, she's a mom).
    I guess I'm pretty close to being qualified for senatorship, too.

  7. When I think of Caroline I see her more as a Princess Diana figure than Hillary Clinton. Not sure that the senate needs a princess though.. I'd prefer that the governor appoint a person that has served New York in the legislature or the congress.

    That said, I think that he will appoint this princess.. and it is probably what New Yorkers want.. they will most likely vote her back in in a few years.. and she probably isn't any worse than Mr Mayor Rudy :(

  8. If they aren't doing it just based on name, why not go to some school and pluck a teacher out and appoint them. At least then you would be giving somebody a pay raise.

  9. A few thoughts:

    One, I think these governor appointments are unique opportunities to bring people in from outside the "typical" political spectrum. I hope Patterson selects someone other than the "top congressional rep".

    Two, from spending more time watching politics over the past six months, I can't tell you any thing that qualifies one to be a senator. Other than you must like to hear yourself talk.

    Three, I like Caroline. I think she could be a great senator. But she should earn it -- through the debates, primaries and elections. She probably could.


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