Christmas Music

I voted with the 31% in this Christianity Today poll.

My favorite all time Christmas song is the traditional O Holy Night.. nothing matches it.

I also like a lot of other genres as well. My favorite CD album is A Vineyard Cafe Christmas.

How would you vote and what is your favorite Christmas song?


  1. I'm with the 31% and my favorite is O Holy Night. Great minds DO think alike, Bob!

  2. Agree!

    With a talented vocalist, O Holy Night raises goose bumps and draws tears ... every time.

    My daughter-in-law is a worship leader and is very talented. They recorded her rendition and I have a copy. It's just the best!

  3. My favorite is "Welcome to Our World" by Chris Rice.
    I also love Kevin Max's traditional Christmas album.

  4. I had not heard that song before Casey.. I liked it.. thanks for sharing the link!

  5. I would vote with the 31% too. My favorite Christmas song changes from year to year. THis year I'm liking "Believe" by Josh Groban a lot. That may be my favorite this year. The Casting Crowns Christmas CD is also very very good. I also love the "Peanuts" songs from the Charlie Brown Christmas. And its just not Christmas until I hear Andy Williams sing. But I think my favorite is still any of the old traditional Christmas hymns.

  6. I'm with the 31% as well ... and my favourites are too many to mention. BTW, Grace Notes is learning "Welcome to Our World" right now :)


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