New Years Resolutions

I have tried to think of a few resolutions for 2009.. I generally like to have goals.. but have come to the realization that my goals are more of the "take one day at a time" sort.
I do hope to be able to travel a bit this year.. I'd like to find someplace warm to stay for a few weeks in the next few months.. I have a few writing goals that involve rewriting my book of meditations on Job.. I have some home remodeling that I'd like to undertake if we do not move.. overall I'd just like to be able to flow a bit better with life and it's difficulties this year.

How about you? Any New Year Resolutions?


  1. Hi, Bob! We'd love to have you guys join us in our resolution of trying a new restaurant every month! I've got a list as long as my arm - my problem? Where in the world do I start?

  2. hey Bob...hope you guys have a very Happy New Year!

    btw - New Mexico is a warm place to stay for a few weeks and write. ;-) Northern NM is beautiful, you could go to some of the monastaries that have visitor housing, could check out Santa Fe and Taos....

    I'm just sayin'.....

  3. Hi, Bob! Just wanted to stop by and wish you and Ann a very Happy New Year! I haven't thought about resolutions yet. I just want to be better all around in 2009. I'm hoping that it'll be a better year for everyone.

  4. I hope those resolutions will become realities for you. As my friend Daisy Hepburn used to say, Just do the next thing. Sometimes that's the only way I can succeed is to just plug along and forge ahead to do the next thing. I would love to read your devotional on Job. There are so many juicy tidbits in that book.
    Take care and I'm glad I found your blogs.


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