Mission Statements

My blog friend Ed recently posted a few reflections on his 2001 goals. It got me thinking about this mission statement that I originally penned these in the late-eighties when I took a 7 Habits class from Covey and revised in 1993.

Sitting here looking these statements over, I am thinking about how I would probably write these a bit different today. I might not include the scripture references - the statements speak for themselves. I would probably rephrase some of these to reflect more of my own heart than a simple regurgitation of the bible. Overall I am okay with these though.. even if they are a bit over the top and rigid.. not bad to have goals I guess.

Have you ever written a mission statement? Was it a good thing?


  1. I love the one "be content with what i have but not with who i am".

    As I've been settled in the last few years - avoiding risks, new things, "content" with life so to speak, I want to be content with what I have... but not with what I can do. There's a world out there that needs us right now. I'm tired of watching from the sidelines.

    PS... look forward to seeing you on the facebook!

  2. Yes, I've written a mission statement and I believe that it is very helpful in prioritizing the activities of life (home/ministry/career/etc.). Here's mine:

    My mission or purpose is to equip and encourage others to live to their fullest potential. Currently, I'm accomplishing this through my coaching business, discipleship ministry at church and through inspirational speaking when I get the opportunity.

    I coach people to find their purpose and live and lead authentically. So, yes...I believe the process is valuable! :)

  3. My mission is to nurture disciples of Jesus Christ to develop informed minds, hearts on fire and contemplative in action.

    Yes, this mission statement helps to keep me focused.

  4. Thanks for the comments all!

    Do you think that our attractions to mission statements is related to having a Type A personality? Seems that the laid back type B folks aren't usually attracted to personal mission statements.. even though they my think they are a good idea for their church or company.

    I'd be interested in your thoughts.

  5. Personally I do not think so. First, I think the type A and B personalities profile are overrated and these labels actually do more harm than good. Second, many persons, including type B personalities do have personal mission statements though they do not articulate it as well as other persons, and finally mission statements arose in an achievement orientated culture where desired outcome should be measurable in tangible terms.

    Often, many things are intangible such as loving others and relationships. In some cultures where the emphasis is on relationships and communities rather than achievement, mission statements do not make sense.


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