Obama Validates Bush Policies

Columnist Michael Gerson wrote an opinion piece today on President Elect Obama's cabinet appointments. I found this excerpt to be an interesting one:
Obama's appointments reveal something important about current Bush policies. Though Obama's campaign savaged the administration as incompetent and radical, Obama's personnel decisions have effectively ratified Bush's defense and economic approaches during the last few years. At the Pentagon, Obama rehired the architects of President Bush's current military strategy -- Gates, Gen. David Petraeus and Gen. Raymond Odierno. At the Treasury Department, Obama has hired one of the main architects of Bush's current economic approach.

This continuity does not make Obama an ideological traitor. It indicates that Bush has been pursuing centrist, bipartisan policies -- without getting much bipartisan support. The transition between Bush and Obama is smoother than some expected, not merely because Obama has moderate instincts but because Bush does as well. Particularly on the economy, Bush has never been a libertarian; he has always matched a commitment to free markets with a willingness to intervene when markets stumble.
I have to admit that I have not been surprised by Obama's appointments but I had not seen them in this light. Made me reconsider my thinkings of President Bush a bit and wondering if his disapproval ratings re more a matter of style than substance? Of course most of Bush's disapproval came from his administration of the Iraq War.. I suspect that Obama will not have that problem.

What are your thoughts about the President Elect's appointments? Any surprise you?


  1. No, none surprise me. I believe them to be wise at this point. We've just lost Americans in a terror move.
    "It indicates that Bush has been pursuing centrist, bipartisan policies -- without getting much bipartisan support."
    Absolutely. I may be the only American who has more respect for GW now...he was either stupid or very brave. I believe the latter, and I'm sure most will beat me up for that. His delivery, like McCain's, was poor...needed to be more assertive in speaking.
    I believe that Obama will have critics in his handling of Iraq as well. Look at Nixon with the Vietnam War.

  2. I'll go out on a limb and say that history will be kinder to GWB than his own time. That is often the case with our leaders, and I think it will be again.

  3. Be surprised that Obama has brought in Clinton-era advisers, La Clinton Herself, and Chicago machine politicians? Not at all, that's the kinda guy he has always been, undeviating liberal Democrat, not an aisle-crosser, nor a bipartisan relationship builder.

    Leaving in a few Bush picks, I actually respect him for that, they must be the right people for the right position.


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