Loosen Up, Before It’s Too Late!

Christian author and funny writer John Shore today encourages pastors and other Christian leaders to act themselves on his Suddenly Christian blog. Here is an excerpt:
If you are a pastor or a Famous Christian Leader, consider the possibility that maybe, when you’re up at the lectern, or doing your thing before the cameras or microphones, you could loosen up a little. Relax! Be who you really are, instead of who you think you’re supposed to be.
I have had a fair number of occasions to hang with people whose job it is to essentially represent God to truly vast numbers of people. And I’m always sitting around with these people, and they might be having a drink or two, the way normal people do when they’re hanging out with their friends, and they’ll be way funnier than you’d think. (Or that I expected, anyway.) And I don’t mean the kind of humor where you chuckle with restrained verve and then ask someone to pass the rolls. I’m talking Teamster humor. Rude stuff. Jokes that make you wish you hadn’t just taken a bite of a roll.

It’s awesome.

But then, later, I’ll see those same people on TV, or hear them on the radio, or whatever, and it’s like they’d gotten attacked and treated by a taxidermist.
I love this stuff (read all of John's post here) and I think that it is applicable to all of us. Take John's advice.. loosen up and be who you really are in whatever you are doing.. even if it is not religiously correct. Like the sign says - an original is always worth more than a copy.

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  1. I love that advice. Copies are good for some things but the original is always worth more.


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