Most Admired Sarah Palin Calendar

Not too late! Still available for only $15.95 at!

Of course calendar sales might now soar with the recent announcement that Governor Palin came in second to Hillary Clinton as the most admired woman in America.. hey.. at least she beat out Oprah!


  1. While I happy she beat out Oprah, I am disturbed that the cover of her calendar has her happily toting a large gun.

    I can't help it... I was to be conservative, but I just can't stomach the guns.

  2. That is both hilarious and incredibly sad.

  3. This is the levity I needed today. Thanks! Seems people are so desperate for some fun and Sarah is "bringin' it!". I have family in Alaska and this gun just reminds me of the awesome caribu sausage that they sent me for Christmas. THAT is a good use for a gun. Sarah P., God love 'er!


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