Casual Friday

This cartoon reminded me about a time around 1990 when we started this whole idea of Casual Fridays - those were the days when I wore a tie to work every day.. and absolutely no jeans or sneakers. When our group was asked via email about "Dress Down Fridays" one of the guys responded with this:

I guess I am okay with that.. but count me out for pants down Fridays!
What followed was a barrage of email messages (yes we had a crude version of inter-company email back then) asking about pajamas, shorts and bathing suits.. we all got a huge laugh out of it.

What about you? Do you have any Casual Friday stories?


  1. I worked for a computer company when "casual Friday" first came up. The programmers always dressed very casually anyway, since they never went home and were free spirits.

    One day, a programmer showed up in a suit and tie. It was a casual Friday and he was a programmer, a double whammy. The whole department "prairie-dogged" to stare at him. When he was asked why he was wearing it. He said that he, uh, he, uh, had's appointment!

    He clearly had a job interview, and for the rest of my time at the company, the code for a job interview was "having a dentist appointment."

  2. Scientific experiments have proven that a cinched-up tie heats the body slightly, requiring $43.00 extra in air conditioning per year, per person.

    I still have to wear a tie, but I wear it loose around an unbuttoned collar for "green" purposes.

  3. LOL.. I wore a tie until the 80s ended Mike.. and I thought that the hotheadedness of my youth was all about my age :)

  4. I haven't had to wear a tie to work since I left the corporate communications dept. of a large forest products company back in 1989.

    Now I'm the creative director for a small software company. It would be hard to get more casual any day of the week. t-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes. During the spring and summer, for the developers it's the "shoes and socks optional" time of year. I tried that one day, arriving in t-shirt, shorts, and bare feet. But the air conditioning works way too well for that in my opinion. The vent is too close to my desk. That day I kept wishing that I had my slippers!

  5. Don't think I could do bare feet Gary.. but my 28 year old son would love it.. he gets the mail at the curb in his bare feet even when it is below freezing.

  6. LOL that cartoon was funny!

    We don't have casual Friday. Which is okay because we can wear tennis shoes everyday if we want to and comfortable slacks, which is fine as well. Every once and a while we can wear jeans. We have an awesome work environment, so I don't mind not having a casual Friday. Our principal doesn't like jeans, so we don't wear them that often. We have gotten her to lighten up just a little bit. I love her though. I would rather have an awesome boss and never wear jeans at work.


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