Gifts for Geeks

Yesterday Adrian Kingsley-Hughes posted these Christmas gifts especially for geeks:
IronKey is the ultimate USB flash drive! ($79)

Davis Weather Wizard III is the ideal gift for those geeks who spend a lot of time at their desk but still want to know that the weather’s like. ($250)

Dyna-Flex Powerball with Speedometer tones up your arm, wrist and hand muscles. ($40)

Khet is a strategy game that combines an Egyptian theme with lasers. ($44.95)

PC Dice is a randomized approach to fixing technical problems! ($20)
Interesting list.. not sure that I am geeky enough to really appreciate these gifts. For the record, a gift card at Best Buy or Starbucks would probably work better for me :)

1 comment:

  1. I'll take a gift card to a bookstore!

    My son might like that dyna flex thing....


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