I voted with the 41% and will probably never do a dumbphone again. I have had my $50 Motorola Q since April of last year and find it to be very useful when I am away from my computer to:
  • Read the bible.. I have several versions on it;
  • Surf the internet.. use the mobile Bloglines reader to read blogs;
  • Read my email.. gmail has a very nice mobile presentation;
  • Listen to music using the media player;
  • Pass the time playing one of the games on it;
  • And just look cool.. hey I don't have much of a cool factor.
My cellphone deal is up in the spring and I have to admit that I tried the iPhone a few weeks ago and really liked it.. too bad Sprint doesn't carry it.

How about you? How would you have answered the poll? Do you have a smartphone? Do you like it? Would you buy another one? If not, what would it take for you to buy one?


  1. I love my Samsung SCH-i730 which is one step above the Q in that it has full PDA version of windows. That means it'll run any Windows mobile app.

    I've got eSword on it to read the Bible, handy on those days that I forget my Bible or don't make it home before Wednesday service. I also have an app that keeps track of my car expenses and MPG. That won't run on the Q which is why I stepped up to the i730.

    I don't have a data plan with it, it's just a PDA and a phone merged. I'm online enough at my PC, I don't need to be on my phone. I like that it syncs with Outlook, although it could do better at that. Ironically, my old Palm Treo did a better job than the Windows based phone.

    Alas, Verizon has now said that all smart phones with new contracts must have a $30/month data plan. I'd like a new phone, but I'm not willing to sign up for another $360/year for the privilege. No one I've known with Sprint has liked them and we had an awful experience with ATT/Cingular, so switching isn't an option. I don't know what I'm going to do yet.

  2. Just out of curiosity, did you go from cell phone to Blackberry to this thing? Is that the logical development of cellular doctrine?

    No, I don't have one, I don't want one, but since I don't really need one for business, it's a high-grapes reaction. I have so far managed to refuse a Blackberry at work, we'll see how long that lasts.

  3. Alas, I think that E-Sword only works with a touch screen Doug. My Sprint data plan is $15 a month.. well worth it for the enjoyment I get out of it.. I spend a lot of time in waiting rooms these days and enjoy having access to the net. Active Sync came with my Q and has functioned flawlessly.. I loved having access to my calendar when I was pastoring.. always knew what my week looked like on Sunday mornings when folks wanted to get together.

    Never had a Raspberry TZ.. went right to the Q!

  4. K. Bob,

    Surrounded by people staring intently at small shiny objects at which they feel compelled to jab their fingers incessantly does not make me want one. I use my phone to make phone calls. Weird, huh?

  5. You mean you talk on your phone Mike? What an interesting concept..

  6. Yeah, I think the touch screen is the biggest difference between Windows Smartphone & the full version (now called 'standard' & 'pro', I think)

    Active Sync is great, if you've never had a Palm. Active sync will have you choose between records if there's a conflict. Palm will actually show you the differences and let you choose field by field what to keep. Handy. It also did a better job a syncing to 2 PCs. I miss that.

  7. I don't every use my phone for anything other than talking on it and an occassional text message. One of these days, I might get a nicer phone, but mine serves it purpose.


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