Java-Log is the most innovative, funky new fireplace item that has quickly become the people’s choice firelog including even Ellen Degeneres’. It offers a wonderful solution to the much detested chemical smell associated often with other firelogs since Java-Log has No Chemical Smell, contributes positively to several environmental concerns and burns beautifully, hassle free. (HT: Kristen)


  1. I've never heard of them. I'll look for 'em. I prefer a nice wood fire, but lately if I want a fire, I don't want to have to cut up some kindling, lay the fire, and then keep feeding it once it gets going. Firelogs have been a nice, quick solution for those times when my wife and I just want to sit in the living room and read by the fire, especially when my son is home from college.

  2. We have gas logs (in my fireplace for lazy old people) and I have had them lit every night for a few weeks now.. beats turning up the furnace :)

  3. I have never heard of them either. I do not have a fireplace, so I will tell my parents about them.


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