Bailing Out Congress

Anybody wondering about all the money that is thrown away each year in congressional salaries? Consider that, effective Jan. 1, 2009, the salary each member of Congress is paid will rise from $169,300 to $174,000 per year. It kind of puts all of the other bailouts in perspective. Interesting that many of those in congress are against a bailout for those making minimum wage.


  1. Back in highschool, I felt the same way. My ROTC teacher was a retired Navy Captain that had worked in the pentagon. He said one thing to consider when thinking about congressional wages is the need to maintain two residences, one in your district and one in D.C., and living in D.C. isn't cheap. nd I think we need to make these salaries high enough to help deter the desire to take bribes.

  2. Maybe that rationalization is a part of the problem Scott. The truth is that we have bought into a style of government where our public servants make a lot of money in salaries and perks.. they vote themselves some sweet benefits that many in America would love to share.. and they may if Obama gets his health care program through :(


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