Can anyone relate to canceling or postponing travel this year? We are hoping to travel a bit (Lord willing and Ann's health is okay) in the fall. Any suggestions for Ann and me? Needs to be some place we can get to by van from Kansas City.

What about you? Any (non)travel stories to tell?


  1. Chicago is very nice any time of the year, hint hint.

    I'm staycating because I spent all my money on remodeling. Visiting friends in adjoining states, mostly, and enjoying the sights on the road trips, planning for them (I love museums and unique stores, but I also dig stuff like the "Largest Ball of Twine in the Contiguous 48 States" and county fairs...)

  2. We are considering Chicago TZ.. think we could stay downtown where Ann would have access to places with her wheelchair. Any recommendations about where to stay and what to do? September or October?

    Thx, Bob

  3. Downtown can be a little pricey, a lot pricey actually, but very accessible - Illinois is very very good about ADA access.

    Fantastic museums are downtown, a great zoo. Wheaton College in the western suburbs, the evangelical Vatican! (Actually, it's cheaper to stay in the suburbs, and take the train to the city, but that can be planned.)

    Baseball (maybe not if they are champions, most games sell out even when they stink). Lots to do, and the weather tends to be fantastic in those months. Second City live shows! Ravinia Park for fantastic music in a lawn setting! Tapings of several NPR shows live! Oprah show taping! You'd have to tell me what you like and then I'd answer you.

    That doesn't even proximity on the journey of Springfield, Illinois, if you're into Lincolniana.

    And, of course, you'd have to accept the obligatory dinner invitation to eat real pizza.

  4. Thanks TZ for the info and the invite. I'll keep you posted :)


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