Fan in Chief

This picture is one of President Bush greeting gold medal and world record winner Michael Phelps, right, and bronze medalist Larsen Jensen after their swimming events at the Beijing Summer Olympic games.

I am not always positive about our president but I have to say that I like seeing him enjoying the Olympics events as an observer and spectator. The games are all about getting past the politics and encouraging the athletes. I applaud President Bush for his encouraging efforts.


  1. Yeah. I think President Bush is representing us well at the Olympics. I really enjoyed his interview with Bob Costas last night.


  2. I too appreciate the Pres. show of support and enjoyed the interview. I have always thought President Bush seems more natural when you see him in small groups or one on one. Put him in front of a group of larger than medium size and he seems to freeze up. With two or just a few, he seems to be much more at ease with himself.


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