OliveTree Mobile Bibles

Are you tired of toting those heavy bibles? Ever wish that you had the bible with you when you really need it? Have I got deal for you :)

For the past few years I have been using bible software from Olive Tree. I have used it on a Palm device and since March of 2007 on my Motorola Q (pictured right). I love this software and find it easy to use and very reasonable - many of their bibles, Christian literature and tools are free.

They are currently looking for some of you iPhone folks to help them check out their new software.

So, here are a few reasons to give Olive Tree a try:
  • free and easy to install and use.. I love how intuitive it is.
  • customizable for us geeks.. don't get me started on colors :)
  • great search capabilities.. use this all the time.
  • easy to look up passages.. by transalation, book and verse.
  • always carry the word with you.. great for waiting rooms.
  • study with commentaries.. helpful for the studious.
  • read books on your phone.. lots of free ones.
  • available on all mobile platforms.. even iPhone.
  • they have a blog - check them out!
Please let me know if you do try it and if you like it or not.. and specifically what you like about it.


  1. Bob - I have a pocket pc phone. For anyone who else who happens to have one of those let me suggest two programs. Laridian's Pocket Bible, which is my personal favorite and Pocket E-sword. Both are fantastic. The only drawback to Laridian is that the program itself is not free. Pocket E-sword is free, and you can get many translations, devotional, and commentaries free to go along with it.

  2. Thanks Mark for the feedback! I checked Laridian out and it seems a bit pricey. I love e-sword on my laptop but unfortunately my smartphone does not have a touch screen and I cannot use it.

    Happy Wednesday!!


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