This cartoon reminded me that it has been a year since Ann and I stopped doing water aerobics at the YMCA.. kind of depressing. These days Ann pedals a Theracycle 100 and I work off the calories typing as fast as I can.. actually I am hoping to soon get disciplined and use my Schwinn Aerodyne Bike.. maybe I'll start twittering about it.

Any suggestions for me? What motivates you to exercise?


  1. If I could afford it, I would get a personal trainer- and I am a personal trainer (by qualification not what I do currently) but nothing motivates like someone whose only job it is to motivate you to exercise, to make sure you get to the gym, to make sure you're doing it right. Other than that, music. I like the cartoon:)

  2. what motivates me? I dom't like to get beat!! Or admit that I am getting old.

  3. Hey Kansas Bob.... I think typing is a wonderful excercise.... You should see the strength in my fingers...

    I have a wonderful and expensive bike in my garage...and so far all I've done is look at it....When the weather cools down my husband and I promised ourselves, we service the bikes and ride again.

    I've been motivated to lose weight, but I'm still not excited about the exercise....!! I've lost 15 lbs, but now I need to get on that bike.

  4. Has anyone considered the work it requires to actually set up one of those blow-up pools? It is not always easy.

    My kids motivate me. I realize I am setting an example of laziness and that gets me up and going.


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