401k Accounts

According to this AP article Corporate America may have turned its back on traditional pensions but it appears to be embracing 401(k)s more than ever. My experiences with 401k acounts are pretty positive. Do you have any positive or negative experiences with a 401k?


  1. Hi Bob ~~ Running late in comments, spending time with my daugher.

    I have a 401K from my years working in Property Management. It is very nice to have, and is certainly going to help in our retirement.

  2. The only bad thing about them is I don't have one :( Its my own fault. We are offered the non-prof equivalent, but I never got signed up.

  3. (another property manager? Me too...)

    What bothers me about mine is that it climbs upwards and then Enron and down it goes, and then the mortgage freefall and down it goes and so on and so on. I think my main one has merely kept even for five years or more, not a comfortable feeling.

  4. There are some good tools out there TZ.. morningstar.com has a premium package that lets you balance and xray your portfolio.

    A healthy mix of bonds with stock gives you a bit of a buffer. They say over time the market stays positive as long as your horizon is not too short.

  5. Thank you - I'll look at Morningstar. Interestingly, the smaller 401(k) fund I put into ethically responsible funds (Ave Maria Mutuals) have done much better than my big old ugly Fidelity accounts!


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