Rethinking Party Politics

I resonate with what Christain attorney and author David Iglesias said in an interview with Christianity Today. When he was asked if evangelicals should rethink their affiliation with the Republican Party he said:

Our values are biblical values, not the popular philosophy or the political soup of the day, so to speak. It should serve as a real wake-up call, and evangelicals should study the candidate and not think that if the Republicans say something, it's gospel truth.

It's not an easy task. What I'm going to look at is not only social issues —the pro-life / pro-choice thing is important to me — but also, Is this candidate going to help the poor? Are they more focused on those accused of crime or victims? Are they going to spend more recklessly? Our spending is out of control. Our national debt is the greatest it has ever been. We have got to get fiscal health. The Republicans have spent more money than the Democrats. I'm looking for a candidate who's a lot more positive, civil political candidate and not one who's trying to tear down the other.

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