Derek Redmond

Continuing my postings on Olympic atheltes I just had to post this video.. it is so moving.. it represents so well the heart of an Olympian.. not everyone can win a medal but all can compete.. all can complete the race thay were meant to run. You can get the rest of Derek's story here.


  1. I had my own hammy problems, and it can be so devistating. Now I limp after long walks at the mall, even twenty years later. I didn't expect to be moved by it but as the video progressed, I was seriously moved to tears. This was something special.

  2. I told that story to a group at our KC jail and related Derek's dad to our Heavenly Father.. always there for us.. willing to get into the action.. nothing can stop Him from coming to us when we need Him.. it was one of the best times that I had t the jail.. the guys really resonated with the story.


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