Dry Cleaning

From The Messy Truth About Dry Cleaning:

When it comes to the environment, traditional dry cleaning is downright dirty. The liquid solvent used at 85 percent of dry cleaners, perchloroethylene, known as "perc," is unequivocally bad for people and the planet: It's a central nervous system depressant and respiratory irritant that the Environmental Protection Agency deems a "probable human carcinogen." According to the EPA's Web site, it also seeps into air; breaks down into other chemicals, "some of which are toxic, and some of which deplete the ozone layer"; and can seep into groundwater and eventually drinking water.

Yikes! I gotta say that this is one scary topic. We don't dry clean much.. maybe less after reading this. I recommend the reading of the rest of the article here.


  1. Well that is down right scary!!! When I was working full time, I used the cleaners a lot more...

    In retired like I live in my Cotton Gypsy skirts and tops and throw them in the washing machine.

    What about the people who work in dry cleaners day after day....??


  2. I'm really glad you shared this, KB. I am just now getting to a point in my life where I can afford dry cleaning, and I was considering buying clothing marked "Dry Clean Only" for the first time. :)


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