The Faith of Barack Obama

Stephen Mansfield - The Faith Of Barack Obama from MansfieldGroup on Vimeo.

Stephen Mansfield (who also wrote The Faith of George W. Bush) wrote a new book (The Faith of Barack Obama) that was released today. In this 3 minute video he speaks about love and politics in the body of Christ.

Michael Hyatt's blog also has an interesting perspective:
Obama is the first liberal presidential candidate in a generation to speak openly about his Christian faith. Is that faith sincere? I have been surprised by the adamant opinions of people who have yet to read Mansfield’s book and stridently insist that Obama’s faith is a sham.
Let me know what you think about Mansfield's or Hyatt's views. I resonate with them and would love to hear what you all think. HT: Robin for the heads up.

PS: Just found out that the publisher is sending me a free copy of the book to read and review.. so stay tuned.. I may have it reviewed before the election :)


  1. I loved this little clip, don't know if I will read the book but I like the book because I like the author and agree with what he said here.

    As you know, I work in a Christian organization. I daily here jokes and/or hateful comments about Obama. They have made fun of him, made racist comments about him and accused him of being the anti-Christ.

    I am voting for him. Can you imagine what they would say about me if I admitted that? The hate and unloving remarks coming from these people is one of the reasons I no longer call myself a Christian. I will not be identified with people like them.

    I would gladly identify myself with a person like you, Bob, in fact I mentioned you on my PD blog today.

  2. Just found out that the publisher is sending me a free copy of the book to read and review.. so stay tuned :)

  3. I don't think Obama's faith is a sham. I just don't think it's Christianity.

  4. I don't think Obama's faith is a "sham". But, more importantly, being a Christian is not a prerequisite to get my vote. I care more about his values than I do about his religion. As long as he believes in peace, justice, love, equality, freedom, etc. I don't really care if he has "personal relationship with Jesus" as defined by today's Pharisees called evangelicals (Not saying all evangelicals are pharisees).

    There are self-professing Christians who are selfish, greedy, lie and hate. I'm not going to vote them because they wear the right them pin or belong to the right denomination and I'm not going to withhold my vote from someone because they don't pass a religious test.

  5. "I don't think Obama's faith is a sham. I just don't think it's Christianity."

    Interesting comment Casey.. I think that you have alluded to something similar in other comments.

    Just wondering.. do you feel that if a person believes in Jesus with all of their heart (and manifests the fruit of the Spirit in their life) but says that they simply do not know about people in other religions (like Judaism).. does that negate their belief in Jesus?

    Also wondering if you watched the video and if you had any comments on it.



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