Doctor Don

Robin posted today about how our dental problems are relatively insignificant when compared with the tragedy of others.

It got me to thinking about Doctor Don.. my dentist of since 1980. In this age of professionalism Don has been a great example to me of how a doctor should interact with his clients. He is warm (he loves to talk about his family), personal (when my first wife died he sent flowers), and competent (he really knows what he is doing).. he is also cheap.. my dental insurance has almost always covered his charges.

So here is a toast to all of the medical professionals who, like Doctor Don, care for their patients in extraordinary ways. How about you? Do you have a Doctor Don in your life that you would like toast?


  1. Our dentist, Dr. Steve Irwin (not the croc hunter) is the same way. He personally calls to check up after any procddure. He even called us to ask if it was okay for him to not be there personally during a cleaning because he had to do something for his daughter. He has lent me books. His staff is just as great. He isn't the cheapest, but he is good.

  2. I have a crush on my Dr. Jim. He is warm, personally interested in you, remembers the conversation from the last time, is gentle and careful. AND he does charity dental work in Haiti and other places in Central America, but never traps you in the chair to ask for a donation, you just offer money to his front desk person if you decide to help.

    He's my favorite medical professional.

  3. Dr. Blankenship is a peach of a doctor. We had to leave him up north when we moved. He had been our family doctor for years... Knew our kids names, when we had grandchildren....a real good doctor, and a real good people person.... I miss him tons.


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