Mark Spitz

I thought that it was appropriate to post this one while Mark's record is still unbroken. Between 1968 and 1972, Mark won 9 Olympic gold medals, 1 silver, and 1 bronze.. he was the Michael Phelps of my generation. You can check out his wiki entry and a current picture of him here.


  1. Thanks for taking me back. I swam competitively in the late '70 and Mark's accomplishments, for me seemed to make swimming a rockin' sport. It continues to rock in these 2008 Olympiscs.

  2. I LOVE MARK SPITZ! I met him when I was a little kid!!! I am not sure of the exact year but I think I was 8 which would make it 1968. My family DROVE all the way through Mexico to Mexico City and they were holding the Olympics there that year. Somehow or another my family was at the Olympic pool watching the US Team practice. My dad had the movie camera (remember those...the kind that used 8mm film!) and he filmed me and my siblings standing next to Mark when he got out of the pool! He hadn't won the Gold yet but we must have known who he was. He put his arm around me and I fell in love (my first crush).

    Ok thanks for letting me share this Olympic momment with you!!

  3. Thanks LTF for telling me something that I did not know about you!

    What a great Olympic story Barbara.. a good way to start my day!


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