WWW: Weird Job Interviews

In this edition of Weird World Wednesday, I submit to you these strange interview responses reported in a story at Forbes magazine:

"I would be a great addition to your softball team."

"One candidate sang all of her responses to interview questions."

"I should get the job because I have already applied three times and feel that it is now my turn."

"Your company has nice benefits, which is good because I'm going to need to take a lot of leave in the next year."

"An applicant drafted a press release announcing that we had hired him."

"An applicant once told me she wanted the position because she wanted to get away from dealing with people."

"One person brought his mother to the job interview and let her do all of the talking."

"One applicant gave me his resume in a brown paper lunch bag."


  1. Ok, these are WEIRD! Especially the last one! I have a very bizarre interview story, the nutshell version: I asked the applicant what the worst job related mistake she ever made was (a standard one of our questions) and she said "I killed my former boss". She was dead serious (no pun intended) but after probing more she didn't really kill him, but he did die when she was suppose to be caring for him. We didn't hire her.

  2. I had an applicant once who cut out and pasted little pictures of himself with showgirls, at conventions, next to his car, etc, all around the edges of his resume and then xeroxed it, not too clearly.

    We interviewed him just to see who thought up that disaster!

  3. One interviewee respond to the generic, "...tell me how you spend a typical day" question by simply saying that he spent most of his day reading email.

    Unfortunately for him, the job was not for an Email Reader.

    Don't get caught by that one. It could happen to anyone.



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