Helping Church Planters Blog

Here are my thoughts for a class that I am giving on the topic above:

Good Blog Characteristics:

Information -- Interaction -- Inspiration

Blogging Basics:

What is a blog?

Is a blog right for you?

How to Choose a Niche Topic for your Blog
Starting a Blog:
Writing Good Content

How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

Topics and Categories

Write About What You Are Passionate About
Some Church Planting Blogs:

Church Planting Novice

Missionary Blog Watch


  1. Good for you, Bob. A good service to folks who might like to dip a toe into the blogging world and be of service there.

    But I must admit that what really got my attention was the comic. Hits close to home.

  2. Thanks for the nod, Bob. Hope the class goes well.

  3. The class went very well ... I had wifi access so the class was very interactive. I used my blog as well as a few others to walk through the agenda.


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