Universal Healthcare

While I am thinking about presidential candidates' positions, I thought that I would direct you to a great post about Universal Healthcare over at Sarah's place. Sarah poses this question:
"After living in Canada for 7 years and having access to healthcare that was completely on par with anything found here in the states... I wonder... why are we the only developed western country that doesn't have public healthcare services? Wouldn't it be wierd if we were the only developed western country without public education, where only those who could afford it got a primary education? I'm just trying to think about this from a Christian perspective where we care about the poor, the widow, and the vulnerable in society..."
In looking at the Pew Forum, it seems that Dennis Kucinich is the only candidate that is advocating true universal healthcare. The other candidates support the flavor that most insurance company lobbyists like.


  1. With the healthcare industry making the huge profits that they are under the current system, it would most likely take a miracle to change the situation. Maybe we should focus on changing the lobby system first - it seems to distort our democracy into something that serves only those with great means.

  2. Good thought ... maybe the lobby system needs to be changed first.


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