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Reviews: Best and Worst 'Geek TV' Pilots
By Mark Anderson, Wired News

From slick sci-fi to tired nerd clichés, the networks' "geek TV" offerings run the gamut from engaging eye candy to unwatchable dreck this fall.

Chuck (NBC, Sept. 24)
WIRED: Pitch-perfect Zachary Levi channels his worker-bee equivalents from The Office and Office Space.
TIRED: Forgets its core audience at times and pushes the action-adventure angle too far, like some network suit never figured out this isn't Alias: The Geek Years.
RATING: 8 (of 10) stars
The Big Bang Theory (CBS, Sept. 24)
WIRED: The most technically nerd-centric of the crop, with scarcely a minute passing by without at least one reference to physics, computers, sci-fi or undue attention to pointless optimization.
TIRED: Fortunately, it's just a theory.
RATING: 3 stars
Journeyman (NBC, Sept. 24)
WIRED: Vasser sports an iPhone, and then it's something else, and then ... is that an iPhone? An accidental documentary, perhaps, of the Apple-NBC divorce.
TIRED: Time-wanderer Vasser seems forever fixed with a gaze that doesn't so much say, "Whoa ... time travel!" as "What page are we on again?"
RATING: 4 stars
Reaper (The CW, Sept. 25)
WIRED: Ray Wise is deliciously diabolical as the pinkie-ring-wearing devil.
TIRED: Sidekick Bert "Sock" Wysocki (Tyler Labine) can stop doing his Jack Black impersonation now.
RATING: 8 stars
Bionic Woman (NBC, Sept. 26)
WIRED: Katee "Starbuck" Sackhoff as the original bionic woman turned terminatrix. If more bad-ass robots are needed in Sarah Connor-land, look no further.
TIRED: The viewer, when everything (and therefore nothing) is continually at stake.
RATING: 5 stars
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