Anybody Watch the Telethon?

In this photo released by the Muscular Dystrophy Association, overcome with emotion, Jerry Lewis ends his 42nd Annual Labor Day Telethon with a record-setting $63.7 million in donations and pledges. I only caught the first 15 minutes Sunday night. I wonder why so many people watch and contribute?

And here is a follow-up question from Therese:
Do we spread a little around to each group, or give a lot to one?
And a follow up question from me:
Outside of our "church giving", do we tend to give more to "religious" charities than to research/secular ones?
I tend to give more to missionary efforts than to research/secular ones. How about you?


  1. I always keep a half-an-eye on it. It used to have wonderful entertainment, now it's much more cheesy. JLewis is not so much to the forefront.

    I give, because I have researched their efforts and they have good business practices, and so far, have neither advocated abortion for birth defects nor have they encouraged anything but adult and umbilical cord blood stem cell research.

    Do you not give deliberately? You asked the question funny.

  2. Thanks TZ. I have never given to them but appreciate hearing what you have said about them. I guess, since my wife has MS, our family is generally more inclined to support the MS Society.

  3. Now there's a good question: do we spread a little around to each group, or give a lot to one?

    (I have a cousin with MS.)

  4. Nice dialog TZ ... I expanded the post to include your question and a follow-up one.

  5. I didn't watch it but saw the news segment on it. I assume they actually take payment over the phone, otherwise lots of people could pledge and not follow through.

    I have given to various orgs. over the year but my main focus is to my church (when I attend one), several missionaries I've been supporting forever, Susan B. Komen Foundation (breast cancer) and either World Vision or Compassion (right now neither, both of my kids grew up and out of the program and I have not got a new one. I really need to do that).

  6. Since the Lord led us out of the institutional church and have no tithing guilt, we can now "give without compulsion," as provided for in the New Covenant. We give to a wonderful ministry called which supports our suffering brothers and sisters in persecuted countries. Mostly we give to those in India, which we were able to visit this past January-Awesome!!!

  7. I watched a few minutes and changed the channel. I think it's great what he does but I normally give to missionary/relief efforts. I don't think I've ever given to research. I'm not really sure why. I have considered giving blood/bone marrow/organs though. Now I'm going to wonder why I give the way I do. ;)

  8. Please think twice before giving to the Susan B Komen Foundation. They use the donations which we give to fight breast cancer and make (1) political donations and, more seriously, (2) to Planned Parenthood. NOT to do breast exams, which might be okay, but in an unrestricted, abort-as-many-babies-as-you-can way. Not a penny from me to them, there are other breast cancer organizations instead.

    I figure my tithe when I do my taxes, since it gives me an idea of what I'll make in the upcoming year. I give most to church and to church missions, but I choose other charities and public organizations (public radio and TV, food pantries) and plan how much I'll give, with a little extra for work appeals and boot drives, etc.

    Planning makes it easy and kind of fun - I never have to decide "should I give?" I know I have the money, even if my wallet's a little short right at the moment. God has blessed the effort, without question.

  9. I don't plan my giving--otherwise it becomes a duty and love-led; I let the Holy Spirit lead me; He's led me in some great places, especially individuals in need. He always provides, and I give what was His to begin with.

  10. I have never watched the telethon, but I think it does a world of good to ask others to help for things like this and many others.

    I have to plan my giving - otherwise I would be too broke to give. 1) I think of money as "just money" and have to have something more important to keep me focused on a budget, 2) and when I do plan, I find I have more money to give. So my planned giving is to the church, and missions. I give regularly and request gifts go to the Fistula Foundation, Hope AIDS hospitals, and Kidd's Kids. And, I am most comfortable when I have a little cash available to give for family or friends in need.

    I guess I don't give anything to research, huh?


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