Missionary Blogs

I am preparing to teach an intro to blogging class to some folks who are preparing to be overseas missionaries and can use some help.

So, tell me why you visit blogs and what advice you might have for an overseas missionary ... what information would be helpful ... what would draw you to their blogsite and keep you coming back. Many thanks!


  1. Would their blog be to communicate to folks at home?

    RE: what brings me back? A blogger (even one with a serious intent) must NEVER take themselves or their blog too seriously. And as Bill O'Reilly says should "keep it pithy". This is why WAKB is on my radar.

  2. Hi Scott,

    Yes, I think that some of their blogging would involve cummunicating with folks at home. The rest could be similar to other blogs or possibly something so different that ... well I guess I don't know ... that is why I am asking :)

    Thanks for the feedback.



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