Julie Unplugged

9/15 Update: I finally finished Julie's series. Here are a few notable quotes from it:

"I saw for the first time that the Bible might be a resource for exploring what humans understood to be the nature of the divine at any given point in time rather than a word-perfect for all time description of how God was, is and will be (that also needed to be harmonized and reconciled within itself).

Additionally, the idea that the biblical writers were moved to communicate insight (more than convey history) profoundly impacted how I read all texts."

"In my years of evangelicalism, the aim of all Scripture readings was to find the harmonic thread - the way the passage being read fit into the rest of the Bible and validated our core beliefs. One such inviolable belief was that God never changed. That meant the God of the Old Testament who led the Hebrews to defend their lands, to take other lands and to wipe out other people groups had to be reconciled with Jesus, the Son of God who modeled radical notions of peace.

Another belief was that if the Bible said "God said it," then God must have said it. There was no chance that the words in the Bible were somehow the words men had put into God's mouth. If that were the case, then inspiration of Scripture (the version of inspiration that allows for no inconsistencies or errors) would be at risk."

8/5: Very rarely do you find someone that seems so honest and transparent about their journey of faith. I think that Julie Bogart is such a person. I recommend to you her latest series titled Falling Away From Faith where she recounts her journey of faith. The story is not over and you (or I) may not like what she has to say about her journey but I think that it is an eye-opening story of an honest person's wrestling with faith issues. Comments off here - if you have something to say tell Julie :)