Agreeing to Disagree

A few of my blog comment conversations have recently ended with someone saying "we will just have to agree to disagree". I think that sometimes, in our minds, when we agree to disagree the word 'disagree' is accentuated rather than 'agree' and it comes off negative. I think that it is good to know when to stop the debate and just say that I now better understand where you are coming from ... thanks for helping me see your point ... I need some room to think and you probably do as well ... lets just disagree for now and maybe talk about it later - or not :)

Some of the best blog dialogs that I have had ended when no one agreed but everyone was a bit better informed ... it is what communication is all about. Maybe the image we should have when someone agrees to disagree is a handshake. It seems quite civil ... doesn't it?


  1. Works for me I suppose. Just kidding I think you’re right we do learn when we hear other opinions, even when we think they are totally wrong.


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