The Palm Treo

Palm struggles to shine again
By MAY WONG, AP Technology Writer

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - Palm Inc.'s death knell has been rung over and over — on Wall Street, in headlines, and by a growing number of discontented fans.

Whether on death watch or not, the smart phone pioneer is struggling. Palm has been pummeled by deep-pocketed rivals and maimed by missteps, and it remains shackled to an aging operating system.
As competitors trotted out sleek new smart phones over the past year, Palm veered little from the once-beloved but now-bulky design of the Treo 600, which debuted in 2003. Others adopted software platforms aimed at today's multimedia multitasking culture, but Palm has been relying mainly on an operating system that has seen only minor revisions over five years.

I looked at the Treo earlier this year when I was shopping for a smartphone and bought a MUCH cheaper Motorola Q. If Palm is going to succeed they will need to get a reality check about the worth of their products.

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