Ministry Watch

What do all of these ministries have in common?
Ankerberg Theological Research Institute
Answers in Genesis
Bible Study Fellowship
Care Net
Child Evangelism Fellowship
Children’s Hunger Fund
Christian Medical and Dental Associations
Compassion International
Crown Financial Ministries
Family Guidance
Family Research Council
Gideons International
Good News Jail and Prison Ministry
International Aid
The Jesus Film Project
Jews for Jesus
Joni and Friends
Josh McDowell Ministries
New Directions International
New Tribes Mission
Northwest Medical Teams International
Operation Blessing
Prison Fellowship Ministries
Probe Ministries International
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
Voice of the Martyrs
World Help
Young Life
They have all been recognized by the Ministry Watch organization as
Shining Light Ministries.


  1. A little limited, isn't it? Don't see any RC ones, and we're the largest providers of adoption services and AIDS care in the entire world, and approaching the largest in crisis pregnancy care.

    Nice how we get ignored, isn't it?

  2. Did you go to their website TZ? These are listed when I did a search on "catholic":

    Catholic Charities USA
    --Efficiency Rating: 2 stars (out of 5)
    --Overall Rank: 316 of 430
    --Rank within Sector: 19 of 26

    Catholic Medical Mission Board
    --Efficiency Rating: 5 stars
    --Overall Rank: 12 of 430
    --Rank within Sector: 11 of 55

    Catholic Relief Services
    --Efficiency Rating: 4 stars
    --Overall Rank: 88 of 430
    --Rank within Sector: 29 of 55

    I encourage you to check out their website.

    I don't think that they have an anti-RC bias but there does seem to be a bias towards investigating evangelical ministry ... I think it is because there are more abuses in those flavor of ministries.

  3. More abuses? I didn't know that.

    I love Chuck Colson, and I don't think I see his group on that list.

    We've essentially given up looking for a Catholic service ministry on any list of "Christian ministries." I only brought it up because you probably didn't even realize that that's the case: no Catholic service ministry will show up on a list of high-ranking Christian service ministries. We're the big invisible holy elephant in the room.

    (And unfortunately Catholic Charities deserves some lowering of its ranking. It does wonderful work in many places, patient humble work of feeding and teaching and comforting, but it's politically compromised in some other places.)

  4. Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship Ministries (of which I was a part of for three years) did make the list.

    The abuses I mentioned have to deal with ministries whose books are closed and leaders are unaccountable.

    My personal opinion is that Catholic charitable ministries represent the best of Christianity ... don't know of anyone who would have a different opinion.

    Lest you get too worried, consider the fact that The Salvation Army also did not make the list.

    Did you check out the website?

  5. Yes, quickly.

    I reacted when I got my Catholic sore spot bumped when I looked at the "Shining Light" list and didn't see any Catlicks.

    The Sallies didn't? Wow, must investigate further.


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