Squawk Radio

So, I got in my car and the radio came on and who do you think started talking to me? Rush Limbaugh was on ... now I haven't listened to him for many years ... and I decided to listen in because he said that Fridays are the days that listeners call in and set the agenda talking about anything that "they" wanted to discuss. As I listened I quickly became aware that callers garnered about 10% of the air time and he consumed the remaining 90% (commercial breaks not included of course). So this is "Talk Radio"? What a crock ... more like squawk radio.

Does anyone have a clue why people listen to drivel like this? Occasionally, at different times, I will stumble onto O'Reilly or Hannity ... they are no better than Limbaugh and often worse because they cloak themselves in the "fair and balanced" propaganda. To be clear, I am not blasting these guys for their politics ... I am, after all, a right-wing-wacko. I am blasting them for calling their spin-oriented-host-rant-radio as "talk radio" when they really don't (and don't want to) talk with anyone at all.

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  1. When I decided to go into management with the company that I worked for I was told that all of the members of upper management listened to Rush. I gave it a try to be a team player, I listen two days in a row and heard him say he hadn’t said what I heard him say the day before. No way no how was I gonna be a team player. I’m a woman so that put two strikes the third was that I voted for Bill that year despite the fact that the big dogs told me exactly what he had done and that it was going to hit the fan if he was elected. I remember thinking if folks knew it why didn’t they use it before he was elected.

    I’d still vote for him again.

    Bill The Spin Man O'Reilly sure can make me laugh.


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