Pre-UHF-Cable TV

Growing up in pre-cable and pre-UHF New York I had 6 TV stations to watch ... ABC, CBS, NBC, 2 independent stations and I think we had a PBS station ... not sure because I never watched it ... of course all of these stations were in black and white ... bought my first color TV in 1970. Growing up on a farm in northwest Missouri my wife could watch 4 TV stations ... only the ABC/CBS station ... that's right a combined network station ... came in without snow. What kind of TV did you grow up watching?


  1. Being from the Chicago area, in the 60's we had CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, and our local WGN. Then somewhere in there we picked up two UHF stations.

    We felt sorry for my Wisconsin relatives who had only fuzzy Green Bay channels (even with an enormous antenna on their house), but then they got cable, in the 1960's. They could see Chicago's WGN when they got homesick and watch the Cubs.

    I can remember the first color TV I ever saw. My keep-up-the-Joneses aunt and uncle had it, and my uncle was watching golf and saying "Have you ever seen such green grass!"

    We got our first color TV in about 1970, after our B&W finally broke. But as a Christmas gift in about 1976, I got a B&W portable for my bedroom, so color portables must have still been expensive.

  2. TZ, Man do I ever feel old ... I think I echoed this recently watching a football game on my HD set:

    "Have you ever seen such green grass!"

  3. We had three stations and PBS.

    Black and white but we were the first family to have a color TV. Man did my friends think we were cool for a moment then we went outside to play. You know play outside with sticks, rocks, and our imaginations.

  4. I grew up in the Philippines, under Marcos Regime (Martial Law). Only 3 TV stations controlled by government.

    we had a small black and white TV, then it broke.

    I guess I didn't want too much TV then, and I that did me good :)

  5. I grew up in the 80's, but my Dad hated TV, so we had one 13 inch b&w set until I moved out in 1991. The dial was broke off, so we only watched PBS unless someone could get the pliers to turn it. If we could, we watched Dukes of Hazard or Little House on the Prairie, and of course Saturday morning cartoons - Animaniacs ruled.

    When I was 12 or so, my Dad moved out for a week until my step-mom took back the new color TV she bought with the tax return. I watched MTV every other weekend at my Mom's. :)


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