Church Announcements

Our church ususally spend 10-15 minutes after worship and before the sermon announcing, collecting offerings and sometimes sending people off with prayer (on missions trips and such).

What doe your church do and where would you have voted on this poll? I think that I would tend to side with the 46% ... unless I had something to announce of course J


  1. With the 46%, definitely.

  2. I think most churches I've been in do the announcements after worship and before the sermon.

    I always wondered why because that seemed to always interrupt the atmosphere brought on through worship and transport us all abruptly back from a place in the spirit.

    Perhaps people might be more receptive in their spirit to hearing the Word preached and implanted if their spirit was still in an atmosphere of worship. ???

    I find it difficult to communicate my thoughts on this. But I think we often live from our soul rather than from our spirit (but this is something we gradually learn to do better as we mature: live from our spirit, where the Holy Spirit indwells us, I mean).

    But for many who are just learning to live from the spirit, but spend most of their time living out of the soul, worship does seem to help get them "in the spirit" but the announcements seem just as effective in getting them back in the soul realm. So an opportunity for spiritual transfer with the preaching of the Word seems to be missed.

  3. I so agree with you Sarah ... I think that is why I had my friend Marvin do a special worshipful song before I preached last month ... worship brings us to a place that nothing else seems to ... and announcements break that flow ... of course if you have a really long service/meeting you need to take a break before a long sermon ... maybe shorter meetings would flow better?

  4. I like after worship before sermon. I like it when all the info is actually in the bulletin and the announcements just point out highlights and tell people to get details from it.


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