WWW: Brass Knuckles & Fried Coke

In this edition of Weird World Wednesday, I submit to you these items from the Utah State Fair:

Brass knuckle belt buckles: Being sold by a vendor near the northeast entrance, this item might be almost as effective as carrying a concealed weapon and you don't have to go to a class or hold a permit to buy one.

Deep-fried Coke: This might be the weird fair food leader. After hearing about a similar product at the Texas State Fair, Provo's John Searle went to work on creating this product, which is made from Coke-flavored batter deep-fried, covered with cinnamon sugar and Coke syrup and topped with whipping cream and a cherry. The $5 concoction is served in a clear plastic cup and eaten hot with a fork. The booth also offers deep-fried Oreos, Snickers and Twinkies or, as Searle puts it, "all the healthy foods."

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