The Politics of Fear

An excerpt from this NY Daily News article:
Barack Obama's campaign lashed out Sunday at the editors of The New Yorker magazine for a cartoon cover that depicts the Democratic candidate and his wife as fist-bumping terrorists.

The magazine's editor described the cartoon, called "The Politics of Fear," as satire. The Obama campaign called it "tasteless and offensive."

The Illinois senator is depicted in traditional Muslim garb in the Barry Blitt illustration set in the Oval Office.

His wife, Michelle, is in fatigues, sporting an Angela Davis-style sky-high Afro, an AK-47 slung over her shoulder.

A portrait of terror kingpin Osama Bin Laden hangs above the fireplace, in which an American flag is set ablaze.
Sadly the magazine did not provide any explanation of the picture.. in doing this they play into the politics of fear instead of exposing it. I found the image disturbing and agree that it is "tasteless and offensive".. I wish that the New Yorker magazine did not use it.

In this video Hendrik Hertzberg, senior editor for The New Yorker, defends the cover of the magazine.


  1. I have mixed emotions about the cover. I'm not a New Yorker reader. But, I understand that they use satire often on their covers. I can see the satire in this picture and my understanding is the article explains the picture. Maybe the picture would be appropriate after the election. But, the timing of the picture is what bothers me a bit. The rumors are still fresh, still circulating and still being believed by some. The image could be a powerful weapon used against Obama in more whisper email campaigns. The image, without explanation, is extremely powerful and presented without explanation, could appear to have been drawn by Obama's worst enemies.

  2. In this video Hendrik Hertzberg, senior editor for The New Yorker, defends the cover of the magazine.

  3. Bob ~~ I will be so glad when this election is over ~~ whoever wins!

    This election year has been hard to swallow.

    I do believe satire can be taken too far, and I think it's tasteless to have that cartoon as the cover page.

  4. Behind all satire, there is a little bit of truth. I'm sure there are more tasteful ways of depicting what many Americans believe, though not to such an extreme. I think the accurate part of this picture is the flag burning in the fire places as Obama will certainly desire to replace it with a proper flag with the 57 states he visited.
    What is also interesting is that the New Yorker would certainly be considered left leaning. I do enjoy watching the left eat their own. Maybe the taste of the Clinton's has left them wanting more.

  5. 57 states - you are a hoot Scott!

  6. This is very sad - BTW - I really enjoy your Blog and all you have to offer. We kinda keep the same circles, your name pops up in many places I visit.


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