Time for Some Campaignin'


  1. Oh Bob ~~ You gotta love it!!

    Someone out there is very clever. Thanks for a good laugh this morning.

  2. I've read a lot of what you have posted. In fact, I either emailed you or commented a couple of months ago. At that time, I was inviteing you to look at my blog and make a decission on linking with me.

    The very first thing you said in your 'political views' tab is that you are not going to allow the aborion issue to sway your vote, though you would like to see the candidate be pro life. The only one of the two candidates for abortion is Obama. The next to the last item you have posted is a clip that only a supporter of Obama would be proud to post. Then, you spoke out against satire.

    You say you are for homosexual union. So is Obama. As a minister, you should not be doing anything but condemning homosexuality and abortion. Overall, anything you write concerning the election weighs in on your sideing for Obama.

    You can do what you want. However, you have (and I know you do. Because they are in every church) parishoners who do not study the candidates. They study their pastors and Christian friends to draw conclussions on which candidate to vote for.

  3. Sorry that I don't remember getting an email from you jeleasure. My wife was hospitalized 38 days in April.. if it was then I may have missed it or maybe it just got buried in my inbox.. please resend it if you still have it.

    I am not "for" homsexual union, I simply believe that homosexuals have civil rights.. I do not believe that homosexuality is a legitimate biblical alternate lifestyle but, in comparing it to divorce, I do not think that it is a major "family" issue.

    Interesting comment about people studying their pastors.. what does your pastor say about the gay issue.. does he have a blog.. do people really know what he thinks.. has he told the congregation who he will be voting for?

    Well, thanks for stopping by and commenting jeleasure. If you have left comments before and I have not responded to them please point me back to them.. I feel that I have offended you and don't want to offend you further.



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