Nadal #1 in My Rankings

Roger Federer of Switzerland is #1 in the latest ATP rankings released today.. this is the 232nd consecutive week he has been in the top spot. Raphael Nadal of Spain is ranked #2 for the 155th straight week.

I find this hard to believe since Nadal beat Federer yesterday in a match that lasted nearly five hours. He beat Federer in this second consecutive Grand Slam final. He trounced Roger at the French Open in June. He is certainly the #1 these days.. at least in my book.. and I am one of Roger's fans!

And on another note.. that match yesterday was a great one.. we left the match for church.. we had lunch with a friend.. and watched part of the 5th set as we were leaving the restaurant.. simply amazing feat of physical and mental ability by both men.. and great viewing as well.


  1. I recorded the match expecting to watch a couple of hours of tennis after church.

    Wow, what a match! Nadal was absolutely awesome. After beating Federer on clay and grass, he's #1 in my book, too.

  2. I gots to agree, KB. You are entirely correct.

  3. Federer is still a great player and he's still #1 because Nadal has only been playing really really great tennis for the last few months- but he's catching FedEx up - got more points from both the French Open and Wimbledon but as he's the only player who seems to be able to ruffle Fed at all - if they keep playing and winning different circuits then they both keep accumulating points at about the same rate - so Rada isn't able to close the gap.

    Two great tennis players -and yesterday's match was unbelievable.

    my congrats to both - neither was ready to concede victory to the other and Rafa only just snatched it in the end (it could so easily have gone the other way!)

  4. We love watching Tennis ~~ Yes Roger is wonderful to watch.

    We didn't get to see all of it either.

    Thanks again for all your great comments on my posts.

  5. Outstanding match. Watched the replay on ESPNClassic last evening. Unbelievable.

    Nadal is a great player. Anybody that can defeat Federer while swinging a racket with one hand and extracting his underwear with the other deserves top ranking. Maybe Nadal would be #1 if he spent less time *ahem* adjusting his attire? :)


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