Only the Biblically Ignorant will Vote for Obama?

I came across something today in a Christianity Today article. Phil Burress, president of Citizens for Community Values, an Ohio organization affiliated with Focus on the Family made the following statement about Barack Obama's attempt to garner support from the religious right:
"The only evangelicals that he's going to win over are those who have never read the Bible," said Burress, who was one of a handful of conservative leaders who met with McCain on June 26 in Cincinnati.
Hmmm.. not sure what to make of this kind of allegation. I guess that it is much of the same rhetoric that I once espoused in the name of orthodoxy.. but I am sure that Mr Burress has a lot of folks that agree with him.. after all.. we all know that only Republicans read the bible. J


  1. I'm following the race over here - man!!! it's getting dirty and I feel it's going to get a whole lot worse.

  2. Well, Mr. Burress is obviously wrong because I've read the Bible (pretty extensively) and. unless something major happens, I will be voting for Senator Obama.

    Oh, it's such a joy to live in Ohio, home of Citizens for Community Values. NOT!


  3. Foundless, blanket statements such as this are never helpful.

  4. Agree Cameron.. especially when they are spoken by suppossed Christian leaders :(

  5. DON'T GET ME STARTED BOB! You know where I work, and as far as I know all of my co-workers believe in that statement. I told my boss I was voting for Obama and she said it would be to my best advantage if I didn't let anyone else in the office know that. No kidding. But its hard to keep my mouth shut when I hear racist and inappropriate and wrong comments made about him...

  6. Glad you're thinking and thinking about both sides. Thank you, Bob.

  7. If I have to listen to one more ignorant coworker on Obama's win, I don't know what I'll do. I work in Cincinnati, home to an amazing amount of non-fact checking, outwardly religious, openly racist idiots! One such coworker stated to me the day after Pres. Elect Obama won (because she saw my bumper sticker?) stating that "he must be the anti-Christ because . . . " and still, STILL continued to spew forth absolute lies based on fraudulent e-mails. I had to hold my tongue, barely, but I told her calmly that she "sounded ignorant." I wanted to say "you ARE ignorant" but I have to work with this fool.

    I miss the East coast. This place is horrible.

    America has a long way to go.


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