Flip Flop Flap

Yesterday on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos", California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about how candidates sometimes change their positions on issues. Here is an excerpt from the dialog:
"In politics out there, they always say, 'Well, now, I don't know anymore what he really stands for. He has just changed his mind...'" Schwarzenegger said.

"Flip-flopper," said George.

"'...and he's flip-flopping' and all those kinds of things," the Republican governor continued. "Let me tell you something. Flip-flopping is getting a bad rap, because I think it is great. Someone has made a mistake. I mean, someone has, for 20 or 30 years, been in the wrong place with his idea and with his ideology and says, 'You know something? I changed my mind. I am now for this.' As long as he's honest or she's honest, I think that is a wonderful thing. You can change your mind...

"I have changed my mind on things and there is nothing wrong with it," Schwarzenegger continued. "But I'd just say to the people, I'd say, 'Look, I once felt this way. Now I think this way,' end of story."
I tend to agree with Arnold and don't think that every policy change is a flip-flop or political maneuver .. of course some are :(


  1. I think Arnold has a point with his comment regarding changing one's mind getting a bad rap sometimes...but...as a voter it is almost impossible to tell whether a candidate is changning their mind because they have had a change of heart based on more reflection...or...whether they are just trying to get our votes...and...that is where the dilemna lies for us...

  2. This is twice in one month I've agreed with Arnold. What is happening???

  3. I think Arnold makes a good point. However I think there is a difference of doing that over the course of several years and then doing it several times in the course of a campaign.

  4. Good point Shane.. timing is everything.. most of the time :)


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