This image speaks to the transition I made in 1976 when I moved to Kansas to become a computer programmer. This week I make another transition as I leave our pastoral staff to re-enter the world of retirement. This new transition is a bittersweet one but should be very helpful to our family.

It was a great time today being with our church staff for lunch and fellowship. They gave me some wonderful cards, and a ball cap and t-shirt with this new KB logo.. a great surprise from some great people.. not sure why they don't care for New York Bob.. but I could guess :)

I will miss pastoring but I am looking forward to spending more time writing and being with my beautiful wife Ann.


  1. God bless you as you spend more time with family and in writing! I have no doubt that you will continue to pastor and minister! God bless you!

  2. Happy Retirement! (Is that what you say in this case?) Anyway, I think Cheryl is right, and yet it will also be nice to have a freed-up schedule! Best wishes - I pray these be the best years yet! :)


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