Coffee Regular?

Unlike my parents who drank coffee "regular" - New Yorkers refer to coffee with milk and sugar as "regular".. I like coffee with a few sugars but no milk.

I like tea with milk and sugar.. like the refined Brits.. actually like my mom :)

How do you like your coffee and/or tea?


  1. White and one for coffee.
    No milk but 1 sugar in tea.

  2. 1 sugar and a shot of halfnhalf for both.

    My poor hubby kept ordering "regular" coffees at the Dunkin Donuts when we first moved to New England and was so mad that no one would serve him a cup of plain black coffee! He figured it out eventually. :)

  3. Cream and sugar in both, please.

  4. I drank my coffee black until 1970, when we were invited by some friends to have dinner at a Yacht Club.
    The dinner was on linen tablecoths, napkins, and the cutest silver cream piture filled with half and half. My friend said I should try it.....and I was hooked. I need your Cartoon's Tee Shirt!!

  5. Venti, two Splendas, lots of chocolate powder, and cream, normally ...

    Actually, right now, I'm off coffee and enjoying the break from caffine.

  6. French vanilla creamer, one packet of Swiss Miss Dark Hot Chocolate, cool whip on top, drizzled with chocolate syrup. (Not sure that still even qualifies as "coffee!")

    When I drink "just coffee," I use creamer so I guess that's a cream and sugar answer.

  7. Maybe it qualifies as foo-foo coffee, nephos :)

  8. Come to the dark side LTF.. at least lets each a few bagels togther :)

  9. Make that eat a few bagels together :)

  10. Coffee - black, with a bit of sugar. Once in awhile I don't mind with fresh milk, no sugar.

    Tea will depend on what kind :)
    Chinese tea - always black, no sugar
    "English" tea - always black, no sugar
    "Indian" tea - either black with sugar and lime or with sweetened condensed milk and "pulled"

    Ain't I a complicated one? :D


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