Faith and the Candidates

I voted with the 31% - I think that the media, and people in general, have given McCain a pass.. they have focused on Obama's faith, church and pastor but don't feel obligated to say anything about those corresponding aspects of McCain's life.. seems a bit too one-sided for me.


  1. Could it be because Obama has been much more public about his faith, while McCain has been more private than most about his? The media may be responding to the candidates posture on this.

  2. Hmmm.. Obama public about his faith.. sounds a bit like George Bush :)

    Seriously.. I don't get it.. I thought that we evangelicals liked our candidates to talk about their faith? Most evangelicals I know don't seem to care about McCain's faith at all.. just smugly speak against Obama's faith.. what's up with that?

  3. I'm with Nephos on this one. The media has "given McCain a pass" because he doesn't talk about his faith. Obama is trying to get the "disgruntled" evangelical vote, so he's being vocal about his faith. You've got a poll about the media, but you're complaining about evangelicals. What is the connection?

    I personally don't care about any politician's faith so long as he or she shares my values. Just because someone claims to be a Christian isn't going to make me vote for them.

  4. Good point about values being the issue Casey.. I see where you are coming from.

    My concern is that, in the 2000 presidential election, I voted for a man who I thought shared my values.. I thought that he was a fiscal conservative.. I never imagined that he be the type of man that launched pre-emptive attacks.. other than being pro-life I am not sure that he really shares my values.. I have similar concerns about the values of McCain and Obama.. hence my concern that we give these guys a pass on faith.. my core value.

    Which of McCain's values do you share with him.. not counting his pro-life position of course :)

  5. Lower taxes and small government for one. There are several issues I disagree with McCain about, including illegal immigration. But I also agree with McCain that we should limit marriage to one man and one woman. I share far more values in common with McCain than with Obama.

    I'm leaning towards voting for McCain this time around because of the Supreme Court. If Obama is elected, there's no doubt what kinds of judges he will appoint, which means that abortion will be around for another 20 or 30 years. In 2012 I'll exercise my protest vote if there are no good candidates. The stakes are just too high this year with the abortion issue.

  6. You and I are pretty close in voting ideals Casey. I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.


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