Shrink-Wrapped Royals

From an article in Sunday's KC Star:

The Royals were stumbling through another loss when the newest member of the organization walked into an empty room overlooking the field at Kauffman Stadium. A 53-year-old psychologist sat in a cushioned chair, glanced down at the diamond and began to explain.

“My job here,” Andrew Jacobs said over the sound of fans, “is to be of assistance to the players and coaches to help them mentally deal with whatever it is they have to deal with, whether it’s a personal issue or a professional issue.”

Yikes! Shades of Roy Hobbs talking to his manager in The Natural:
I remember signing a contract, to play ball not to be put to sleep by some two bit carney hypnotist!
I suggest that.. if the Royals really want to win.. they add pitching and hitting to the payroll instead of psychologists.

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