Crane Collapses

This video is pretty scary.. sort of. It seems that almost every month this year there has been a crane collapse in the states.. there was one in our KC metroplex recently. My understanding is that the governmental inspections on these are fairly few and far between.. the "industry" is expected to police themeselves but sadly don't seem to be doing a very good job. This is one industry that probably needs more governmental regulation.


  1. Bob, this was very hard to watch. About 20 years ago my nephew was killed when he was working on a crame that collapsed and crushed him. He was in his early 30's. The company he worked for were fined for many things that were not regulation for the crane, or the inspections ~~~~ but none of that brought back my nephew.

    The good news, he was a wonderful young Christian man, and I will see him again in Heaven.

  2. Thanks for sharing this story Wanda.. a reminder of how personal these collapses are.

  3. This happen in Texas recently also. Its so scary. The guys that operate those are some very brave guys!


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