Wyatt Earp

My ankles were acting up yesterday so I took some time to sit in my easy chair and catch this epic (aka too long) movie. I generally liked the movie but wished that it had been editted down. One aspect of it that reminded me of our current election process was when Dodge City replaced the tough (i.e. brutal) Sheriff Earp with the less violent Ed Masterson. Ed's forte was reasoning with gunslingers and talking their guns away from them.. Wyatt's forte was using force and taking guns away. Ed was eventually murdered and Wyatt was brought back to sheriff Dodge.

It caused me to think about how our country has enemies and it got me to wondering who would be tougher on our enemies.. John McCain (Earp) or Barack Obama (Masterson). Maybe this is a lame comparison but I think that it is the image that the media (and others) has foisted upon us. Who do you think we need.. Earp or Masterson?

I think that we need a little of both.. someone who is tough on our enemies but has the ability to communicate about our actions in a way that doesn't alienate our allies.. I think that the jury is out (for me anyway) on which candidate fills the bill. What do you think?


  1. I usually do not make political comments.... I do agree we need a little of both...but to be honest, if I had to choose between the two, I'll take Earp!!

    Wanda aka Annie get your Gun!!

  2. I'd take a little of both too. Can we get Ronald Reagan back in office? I guess not huh?

  3. "Walk softly but carry a big stick."

    Where is TR when you really need him?


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