McCain at the NAACP

I had to remove the embedded video of the speech because it took so long to load and slowed down my blog display. You can view the speech at the MSNBC website.

I though that it was a good speech.. he began with congratulatory remarks about the NAACP and their contributions to our country. I liked what Senator McCain says about trusting school principals and judging teacher performance based on the success of their students. Also thought that he made a good point about companies leaving the USA to avoid high corporate tax rates. I apppreciated that he addressed the national debt and it's impact on our grandchildren. He had some good words about accountability in government. He spoke of how American bad news always reached him in the POW camp. The speech ended with a invitation to support his candidacy.

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  1. I think it was very gracious for McCain to acknowledge Obama's accomplishments before getting into the "meat" of his speech. I also think it was brave of him to come and speak to the NAACP.

    Thanks for providing this link. I could not find the full speech when I looked on Wednesday.

    I wish McCain were a better speaker. Frankly, he's so poor that it's hard for me to get past his delivery and listen to his message.

    I do like the idea of virtual schools. My girls are already doing virtual school and it makes a lot of sense all around. Saves money and children can actually learn better, if they have the right motivation and supervision.


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